Mouthpiece measurement

Properly fitted mouthpiece is half done

Which wood or brass player would not like to play better or easier than it is now. Whatever you do and how you are studying, you are unable to move forward with this. This is often just attributed to improper technique or inadequate construction. Pay attention! Precondition: A nozzle is obviously not a magic wand that everything comes naturally. However, you should be able to rule out that things that happen are really no different to a suitable nozzle.

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Personalised mouthpieces for wood- and brass players

Choosing a mouthpiece is a specialist task!

Choosing the right mouthpiece is a general problem with which every wood- and brass player will be confronted sooner or later.

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Unique mouthpiece selection method

In practice, there has been a consistent lack of objective information and expert support (apart from brands or products) Henk Rensink is the first person to specialise in supplying personalised mouthpieces for players of wood- and all brass instruments, large or small.

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What does personalised measurement entail?

Every personalised measurement is individual and consists of a short preliminary study followed by a short play observation session; this is then followed by the actual measurement process, after which the test-mouthpiece selected can be tried out.

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