Mouthpiece measurement

Properly fitted mouthpiece is half done

Which wood or brass player would not like to play better or easier than it is now. Whatever you do and how you are studying, you are unable to move forward with this. This is often just attributed to improper technique or inadequate construction. Pay attention! Precondition: A nozzle is obviously not a magic wand that everything comes naturally. However, you should be able to rule out that things that happen are really no different to a suitable nozzle.

American experience research among students and professionals has shown that 80% of the blowers are not struggling with their embouchure technique, but with the wrong nozzle. After change of nozzle most students booked therefore a remarkable progress. Hard facts to do something with yourself if you at least your own potential and want to make better use of your instrument. Why would you continue to do it, after all, difficult as it may be easier? Because facilitates a properly fitted mouthpiece and enhances the play considerably!

What can you accomplish with a good tip?

  • better control of your instrument: tone, incitement and tone control
  • better tone: increased tone color, volume, dynamics, projection and clarity
  • greater tonal range and accuracy
  • easier, less strenuous and longer play without problems
  • more progress development and a higher level of play
  • easier and faster rehearsing tracks
  • much more fun and satisfaction
  • can blend better with the other instruments in the group and the orchestra